by Algernon Doll

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Dominic Bogle
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Dominic Bogle This album is brooding and menacing in all the right ways. Tracks sink into each other like a slow dissolve into the dark atmosphere created by the album. The Songwriting is beautifully minimalist and captivating. A great listen. Favorite track: Falling In Love With Those Above.
Paul Thomson
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Paul Thomson Great album. Feels like home. Favorite track: Anti-them.
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Forfarloon Just love this whole album. It's a real concept album. I like this track although it's the simple folksy one not the full band sound. Everything is just so original. And its a classy piece of art work too- especially with the orange vinyl. A true collector's piece. Favorite track: Falling In Love With Those Above.
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5/5 - Artrocker Magazine

"Algernon Doll burns a hole straight through the shallow nonsense and Citalo-pop is the sound of something real—Ewan Grant is a proper alt-rock talent who sounds wise beyond his years." - The Vinyl District

"Citalo-pop is a raw and expressive collection from an articulate young songwriter. Highly recommended." - The Whiteboard Project


released June 10, 2013

Ewan Grant is Algernon Doll

Drumming by Tom Mitchell

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Tom Mitchell at Clearwater Studios, Perth.

Cover Painting by Fraser Brownlee

Back Cover and Design by Steven Hill



all rights reserved


Algernon Doll Glasgow, UK


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Track Name: Anti-them

I raised an eyebrow then pinned it up to dry
I'm a pawn, I'm a pawn.
I don't know what it is that makes me want to die
but it's strong, but it's strong.

If you're a doll then I'm a mannequin

I bought this grin that's stapled from my cheek to chin
at what cost? at what cost?
I lost my cynicism waiting for a win
then I lost, then I lost.

If you're a doll then I'm irrelevant

You looked so fine in that suburban pantomime
I was wrong, something's wrong.
I thought I'd play myself but butchered every line
Like a fraud, like a fraud

I'm faking teenage thrills with benzos and Wilhelm Scream
A lucid dream without a medicine.

If I'm a doll then you're irrelevant.
Track Name: Cassini
Cassini, I couldn't watch you die.
We're on a crash-course with the open sky
What's for you won't go by you but it takes time,
Cassini, you're a million miles away.
You've seen the rings of Jupiter up closer than those mystic pearly gates.
It always seemed more comfortable to lie than ask why.
When comfort comes in codeine, who am I to deny?
It always seemed more comfortable to lie than ask why.
But when it comes to my time, will open eyes see the sky?
Track Name: Home-schooled

So let us start at the ending I
fell from the apple tree
discovered gravity
Or was it always impending?
I dropped my name to start again.

It took an obvious turn
the more you learn
you're an experiment
and never heaven-sent.
It's just a series of glances.
I left right there.
my last blank stare's for you.

I love you still but I don't want to
I'm home-schooled by somebody's fool

I just wanted to play but not today, not today.
It's just a point of view, i'm not like you.
i'm not like you.

If jealous is as jealous does
I've seen you grudge the stars above like you were out of focus

So let me tell you where I want to be
So far away from you I can barely see.
Just cause something beats doesn't make it be
best part of being used is ahead of me.
Track Name: Citalo-pop
I caught a rusty propeller
calling my name,
Counting my breaths as true character.
I'm not to blame.
Track Name: Aerosol

Hats off the the man you couldn't stand
at least branded him a fool
a comical centerpiece
How dare he grace the streets you walk?
Without humility he'd talk,
not on cue, not for you.

Throw away the manger
he thinks he's god...or maybe not.

From lying face down, lying faceless
is a far fetch from a fall
but you would know it all
Keep telling tales to empty spaces
while you're writing on the wall
with chalk-like tramadol

He sees a sign point to the basement
hands interlocked, he picks his spot
While you sit, silent getting wasted
The yellow pages read like red
the phone is dead.

Aerosol, with intent to disguise
the Alcohol cutting teeth and dotting eyes.
Track Name: Falling In Love With Those Above
Something pious isn't something true,
Something borrowed isn't something blue.
Something quiet's something new to you,
A pre-owned promise for the well-to-do.
And now I'm done falling in love with those above.
Someone's crying, don't know what to do,
Someone told me I was to talk to you.
Someone fell for me, I fell for her too
She took a pill and took my heart to boot.
Now I'm done falling in love with those above.
They say it smells like modern love
coming from the alley, not the club.
I'm struggling to see
What's wrong with me?
Track Name: No Hands
A lone puppet led the play
No hands, no sonnet, just endless stage.
He'd wait for silence, it never came.
Each last performance, all over again.
He said, "You don't know my real name"
I guess we're all the same.
Of course a casket can't fence a flame.
His love, a princess, on the balcony.
She set the curtains ablaze
They'd be in stitches for days.
You don't know what's up when the sky's falling down
and the mud that you're left with's as fake as her crown.
You acted the actor and played out the fool
"I'm a pauper, a proud one and you're nothing but jewels"
Alone, crowded...
his song sewn shut.
Track Name: Snuff
Laugh away
Just like you mean it
I know you're just repeating what they say.
The darkest nights are those that snuff the brightest day..
So they say...Emily.
You say she moves
just like she's leaning
on the cleanest patch of pavement she would stay.
She chews her face to keep the sentiment at bay.
I dreamt we were lovers
We talked in tune.
I dreamt that we were statues with a view.
Track Name: Venus
I drew a line between us
Like equinox to seasons.
When Venus blooms
I'll see you soon.
The doctors had to meet us
From open books to speechless
In acid rain
You'll know my pain
When Venus blooms,
I'll see you soon.
Track Name: Cut-throat Kid
Cut-throat Kid

Cut-throat kid tell me how I'm supposed to live?
I'm pulling faces just to keep my thoughts locked in.
I left my heart in San Francisco yet I've never been.
I'm safe to travel once my spine grows in again.

The useless things I say to counteract my shame
The sonic slurs, I hope you notice, all in vein
I was back then I wish you'd treat me the same way
All those blank faces I have painted olive grey.

And you should love me all the same.
Why don't you love me all the same?

I couldn't be the man I used to, I was just a boy.
If being a man is what I'm used to; I needn't be so coy.

When I was wee I used to skip stones from the river bed
now all my friends just lay there, dead.
So don't ask me if I can come across as introvert.
I'm so sick of living in my head.
Track Name: Unaligned (an afterthought)
At 6 o’clock he met the shore

Like some child-hood friend who’d been exposed to civil war

Who didn’t know him anymore

three’s a crowd but four’s a bore.

Back a few more blocks there was a kid

a carbon copycat with whiskers on his bib

sat unaware to what he did

teach a toddler how to live..

/We are so unaligned/

And with the tide came Tennents tins,

a wake of heartburn and the trunk he’s buried in.

He wrote a note without a pen

to teach the toddler how to swim

/You are so uninspired/

I met an ego with the straightest smile
who bribed his kids to keep them in line

he said, “Your friend’s a sign of the times,
you people breed like high rise fires”

but where’s the industry of youth 
when all the factories work for you 
and single mums are left to cook

with saline seeping from the roof?

we’re just that pesky snaggle-tooth

yellow and chipped from penny chews

and what we do, we don’t for you
Cause all we wanted was the truth.