by Algernon Doll

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Could it be a halo? A head dress with a label above you or maybe when the rain resumes you'll brighten up your tune? I think it's just a rainbow or something as explainable, something true but maybe if i squint my eyes the buried looks in bloom? orchids or mildew? Spilt milk surrounds you 'if only i could too. I saw you through the window I couldn't smell a thing though, My perfume attracts a certain person I can't choose. I breathe black and blue Spilt milk surrounds you If only I could too Assume perfume
Justine 03:47
You're pastel on paint, a half-assed stencil on a fast train Your timing, delayed a manic disposition. Walk away, fashionably late. Let's just call it what it is then dismiss. I sold my new face for more than double what it cost to make and stood there, amazed. a bargain masquerading honestly, I hated it anyway. force fed true delight, day and night. You lose your mind the more you find out.
Tamed 04:01
Sun up, sun down I'm still around the bend the doctor's waiting. I feel asleep my hands are feet, the way I walk's degrading I'm tamed. Your grave is stone My body bone the way they grate's frustrating. I tripped, you fell some time will tell if good can come from aging. I'm still around.
Suicide 03:34
Free-fall without a height is just your legs breaking in two to put up a fight. Swallow without insight these pills are not bigger than you they're just more polite. Curing exhalations with truth is pillow talk to you. Laughter without the lines, it's such a waste watering words when it never shines. After, without before is just the start, middle and end that you choose to ignore. failing complications I'm rude. Look what you made me do. a suicide
Candy striped til midnight I survived the day now I'm just a whimper. Take the time to rack my mind, take my anorak, leave me with the mirror. I'm ashamed to be a part of me. Sacrfice, black and white. Live a life of grey static only cheats us. Satellite pick your fights, you're like the pie in face we can only dream of. I'd happily just live asleep Maybe, i'm a uniform useless till i'm worn I'm focused but I'm bored. Maybe, opposites just match the similar attract you'll end up like your dad.
Fellate 03:34
To be an embryo is fine just suck it up and grow. But I'm a big boy i have a choice i'll be a brown eyed bimbo fuck the natural order Prevent fellatio and swallow all you know but you're a big girl Queen of the world you can go down for fun and fuck the natural order Aint acting fun? Aint acting fun? Aint acting fun? I'm acting fun I'm acting fun i'm acting fun But I'm a big boy i have a choice I'll be a brown eyed bastard to suit the natural order.
I spit sweet nothings right onto the floor. for what it's worth, we're worthless, flirting's such a bore. I'm twice the charmer i was before. I thought i sounded clever Must have been next door these walls are thick as paper My brain's as good as gore I was before as I am no more In love with nothing I'm swayed to say that i'm ok but really I'm a fake At least that's something sweet nothing is as nothing does as tired as it is buzzed out .take your time spend it while there's something open what is mine as battered as it is broken
To say goodbye, at least, implies a presence you fell for two, pink and blue. Blew out his brain recycling rain from cradle to the drain. An argument is always worth repeating you swallowed truth, pink and blue Out to sea with honesty and leave me with police The irony beats me and i have boxer's feet I'll breathe in deep while you enjoy the beach leave all doors open but act locked in
Relate 03:14
why? why? why? It's bigger than you'd like to know My guy drives faster in a motor home Relate Why? Why? Why? we're smarter than we like to show. My guy cries water from the cubicle relate like animals we're edible degradable insatiable
Found a picture from before you're wide awake. i count my friends like connect 4 i'm one away. It's never been the same the town was bursting at the seems goodbye blue jeans the sound of water in my ears and drowning dreams Let's re-enact the scene I will always blame myself
Pheromone 04:30
Count on me like rings in trees elderly wrinkly skin tonic to gin suddenly Pheromone Like salt to scree he met the sea bashfully drinking in her dorsal fin eternally a tributary song a boyant waking moan now we're alone.


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released June 30, 2014

Songs - Ewan Grant
Drums - Tom Mitchell
Recorded by Tom Mitchell at Clearwater Recording Studio, Perth.
Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Services.

Photo by Angela Deane
Layout and artwork by Steven Hill

Struggletown Records


all rights reserved



Algernon Doll Glasgow, UK


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